Scappino History

At the turn of last century, as the early 20's were just beginning, Domenico Scappino thought about creating a firm of silk clothing and accessories that would reach maximum recognition in a Europe emerging from World War I.

Torino, a quiet and elegant city in Northern Italy, was the birthplace of the first collections of ties and scarves which the top silk textile proponents of the time helped create: the Swiss, Italians, French, and the English; this is how each collection, carefully fashioned, came to be.

During that time, the sobriety in formal fashion received a touch of distinction, in the form of rich texture and innovative color combinations, from the designs Scappino created and which, in very short amount of time, gave Scappino ties great fame throughout Europe.

By the time the 30s began, Scappino had already acquired a significant amount of reputation in Italy, and had even gained recognition from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Piedmont, who appointed the firm as the official supplier to the Royal House. The "Scappino Knot", which the firm expanded on in the years prior to World War II, had also become quite popular in Europe.

The tie consisted of a double knot that adopted a triangular form -definitively a very elegant touch. In parallel to this grand expansion, the fact that the Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII, adopted the knot itself, gave rise to what became known in the specialized texts on this subject as the Windsor/Scappino knot.


Towards 1937, the first idea of taking Scappino to America came about, and Mexico and Argentina were chosen as the places where the American adventure would begin. The first Scappino store was inaugurated in Mexico City in 1938; shortly after, the stores in Puebla and Monterrey were opened.

With the onset of World War II, Europe lived hard times. However, in Mexico -a country that did not become involved in this war- the constant demand for silk ties and accessories continued, and soon gained widespread recognition and appreciation due to their quality, exclusivity and, of course, their profoundly Italian design.

As time has gone by, the Scappino Collection has added other types of clothing and accessories to its line, creating a full collection of men's apparel, always upholding the principles of its creator: quality, exclusivity and a refined Italian design.

Today, the Scappino Collection is formed by thousands of exclusive designs created in our design headquarters in Lago di Como, Italy, the world center of the silk textile industry. There, every garment, accessory and object that form the Scappino Collection is shaped and manufactured, thus adding a universal and innovative feature to our company's tradicional values.

Scappino is a company that has grown due to the sound steps it has taken by being an organization that has evolved from one generation to the next within the fashion world and apparel industry.


Throughout the years, Scappino has developed a complete line of clothing and accessories in keeping with the highest manufacturing specifications, helping the company achieve a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary wear. Lines enjoy an underlying artistic quality, enrichened by elegant textiles, crafted from the finest raw materials, always following its creator's principles: quality, exclusivity and a refined Italian design.

Scappino is a classical trademark as well as innovative; capable of evolving its style without altering its essence, it preserves the evocation of Italy, implicit in its uniqueness.

Of the product fabrication distributed by the company, 70% is manufactured in the Scappino-owned plants, thereby guaranteeing the products' excellent quality and providing the full satisfaction required by the market. Likewise, all companies worldwide collaborating with our firm apply the same strick, qualitative controls that warrant a uniform quality in each piece of clothing or accesory carrying our label.