Its name comes from the Italian, corvatta or cravatta, derived from "Croatian". The origin dates from the year 1660, when Croatian army riders wore colorful scarves around their necks. Scappino is a luxury Italian fashion house created in 1914 by Domenico Scappino in Turin, Italy, specialized in silk products and is known to be one of the best. They have 11 lines of neckwear, each one with important characteristics to cover the needs of the client.


Our Materials

The materials we handle at Scappino are: 100% Italian silk in a large percentage, as well as Cottons, Wool, Linens and alloys between them. The corsage lines are divided into three important groups:


Settepieghe Fabric, Diamond, Diamond Ceremony, Argenta, Napoli Amalfi, Contemporary and Slim Preppy.


Platinum, Immagine, Trevi Theme and Knitting.



Tie Guide

Knot Guide

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